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About Us

Hello to everyone out there! My name is Angela but my friends call me Angel. I live in my small home town where life is calm and peaceful. I am the wife to a wonderful man, and a stay-at-home-mama to two little ones. My two Beautiful Angels.

My home is my creative space and my family gives me inspiration. I have been in the creative event planning industry for years. Creating most of my clients pieces myself. I have always had a eye for the unique and beautiful. It's the personal touches that make all of the difference. My passion turned into a full time business when I began to be sought out for my creations and I realized brides and event planners alike were looking for a one stop shop to create their custom needs. My creative passion then turned into a full time business as my Bella Angel Boutique was born. I am adding new items constantly as I am looking at new fabrics and trends to see how I can make them stand out. All of our pieces are handmade in my in home studio and can be customized to add the perfect touches of elegance to your upcoming event.

My family gives me passion and inspiration, and I hope MyBellaAngel creations, brings as much love and laughter into your home, as they have ours.